The Multi-rip Saw TR has been devised for executing cuts and multiple grooves on strips, also with veneered surfaces and coated with various materials and it can be used, for example, for the production of prefinished parquet.
It is a machine with an high efficiency,till 30 pieces/minute of productivity, which is realized in various powers and with working width capacities of 130 and 160 cm, besides to be supplied with special equipments, according to the production requirements of the customer.
The MLS TR features a precise and compact tubular steel structure, which gives to it an high sturdiness and, moreover, it is equipped with:
- regulation system of the cutting and grooving depth, without changing the working table height with respect to the floor;
- advancement group of the workpieces through shutters, with opening by a pneumatic cylinder so to permit the tools change on the spindle;
- electronic adjustment of the advancement speed;
- workpieces input system through motorized belts and lifting rods
- rear output pieces group through motorized belts;
- opening regulation system of the workpieces passage through the advancement group, according to the panels thickness;
- safety system for panels thickness control;
- tool-holder spindle of hardened and round steel, with anti-rotation locking, so to make easier the tools change operations; it is supported on one extremity by a double fixed support and on the other one by a sliding support, which can be removed for the setting / disassembling of the tools; 
- interchangeable working table, which assures the perfect execution of the cut without vibrations;
- suction inlet, for permitting an easier evacuation of the chip from the cutting area.



MLS 130 TR


MLS 160 TR

Spindle motorization

from 15 Kw

from 22 Kw

Tool-holder spindle dimensions

80 x 1310 mm

80 x 1610 mm

Spinde speed

4000 rpm

Advancement speed

da 5 a 30 m/min' (up to 30 pieces/minute of productivity)

Working table height

990 mm

990 mm

Max. tools diameter

275 mm

275 mm

Projection of the tools from the working table, adjustable

from 27 to  47 mm with tools 250 mm         or   from 40 to 60 mm with tools 275 mm max.

from 27 to 47 mm with tools  250 mm        or   from 40 to 60 mm with tools 275 mm max.

Max. milling depth

12 mm with mills 180 mm

22 mm with mills 200 mm

12 mm with mills 180 mm

22 mm with mills 200 mm

Max. workpiece width

350 mm

350 mm

Min. workpiece width

60 mm

60 mm

Max. workpiece length

1300 mm

1600 mm

Min. workpiece length

300 mm

300 mm

Max. workpiece thickness

50 mm

Machine dimensions

2100x2260x1500 h mm

2400x2260x1500 h mm

Machine weight

1850 Kg. approx.

2100 Kg. approx.

Attachments and tools:
- MUR: revolving tools magazine, for those who must often change the distance between the grooves or the cuts to be obtained.
- spacer rings: for spacing the tools to be set up on the spindle.