The Revolving Tools Magazine is an attachment for the MLS Multi-rip Saws, which is useful for the reduction of the unproductive times that usually it takes during the change of the tools.
This attachment permits to have up to four groups of spacer rings and saw-blades always ready to be set up on the spindle of the machine, as they can be arranged and cleaned while the MLS is working.
The dimensions and characteristics of the MUR changes according to the model of MLS to which it is coupled, but, substantially, it is composed by:
- basement assembled on a hand pallet truck, in order to make easier its handling;
- adjustable feet and references to be fixed to the ground, for aligning correctly the MUR to the machine;
- regulation system of the sleeve height from the ground in correspondence with the spindle axis of the MLS;
- revolving group formed by a frame, on which there positioned the sleeves, which is manually adjustable through a handwheel;
- chromed steel sleeves, with telescopic translation and rotation on sliding bushes, locking through screw handwheel and plug on the extremity, so to contain the tools during the moving of the revolving group;
- integral safety guards of transparent Policarbonate with hinged opening.
Version P: the sleeves are equipped with tangs and the MUR is equipped with 3 sets of central supports like that one on the MLS.