The origins of the present “Mario Zaffaroni & figli” company go back to the activity of manufacturing little machines for the carpenter (band-saws, planers, routers), which Zaffaroni brothers took up straight after the post-war period.
In 1961 they become a one-man company and the founder, Mario Zaffaroni (one of the brothers of the previous company), with the help of his son Aquilino, begins to realize special machines and applications so to comply with the requests of whom, among what proposed by the market at that time, did not find the most suitable products to their requirements.
The passion of Aquilino for the mechanics, drives the company to produce precision machines: in fact, the first model of transversal “V” cutting  machine (folding system) dates back to 1972.
Initially it has been devised for cutting wooden bands for television boxes and loudspeaker boxes, with time it has been modified and optimized, so to be used also for the production of bands for drawers and for unit furniture, always showing an high precision.
The first prototype of Multi-blade Panel Saw was born in 1979, so to suit the requirement of cutting chipboards (we point out that this machine is still working).
Nowadays, it is the main product of the Mario Zaffaroni & figli, as it is used in many fields, both for cutting and for executing multiple groovings on panels and strips of raw materials or veneered. 
The success of this machine is due thanks above all to its operational flexibility, besides to its high productivity and to its simply utilization, so much that it succeed also in the flourishing market of the production of prefinished parquet.
The manufacture of quality products and the constant participating in the principal exhibitions of the field (INTERBIMALL of Milan, LIGNA of Hannover and FIMMA of Valencia), contribute to the achievement of the company at international level.
The consequent market expansion will take then, in 1985, to the establishment of the company between Mario and his son Aquilino and his daughter Angela. 
Around the middle of the nineties, after the death of the foundation member Mario, the company begins to avail itself of the co-operation of the sons and the daughter of Aquilino: Andrea, Aldo and Alessia.

And, according to tradition, from father to son, follow new ideas and realizations.
In fact, in 1994, the Mario Zaffaroni & figli manufactures the first model of "V" cutting machine with movable head and Numerical Control, named STM. This model of machine is used with success for all those productions that require certain flexibility, as it can work both transversally and longitudinally.
Nearly at the same time of this event, the Mario Zaffaroni & figli becomes a member of the ACIMALL, the Italian woodworking machinery association, placing its name side by side with the greatest prestige companies in Italy.
After having gained the confidence of the European and Asiatic markets, the company succeeds in selling in the United States and only some years later, in 2000, they are present for the first time at the Atlanta exhibition, the IWF.  So, the Mario Zaffaroni & figli realizes, in 2001, just for an important American firm, a new line for the V-cutting and the edges folding, devised for the production of loudspeaker boxes with shapes of modern conception.