The Working Centre for the "Folding" technology with movable head has been studied for executing both longitudinal and transversal precision V-cuts on panels, coated with PVC or also with not bending materials which needs the adhesive tape application.
It is an high flexibility machine, used for the production of low and medium quantities of furniture, Hi-Fi loudspeaker boxes and other particulars assembled with the folding system.
The STM can be supplied with working capacity of 600, 900, 1500, 2100, 2400 and 3000 mm, as well as with workpieces positioning capacity of 2100, 2700, 3300 and 3900 mm, according to the production requirements of the customer.
The machine has a precise and compact tubular steel structure, which gives to it an high sturdiness and, moreover, it is equipped with:
- fixed front table of phenolic stratified for loading and unloading of the pieces, with air pads system and fence for supporting the panel in square;
- supplementary front table, which is mobile and removable, useful as support of big pieces;
- head-holder carriage, which slides on two precision guides with ball guides shoes anchored to the superior beams of the machine; 
- heads, installed on the carriage and equipped with automatic lifting system for the automatic return to the point of working start, which can be of the following types: 
. " 2c ": for V cuts at 90 degrees, with two circular saw-blades 
. " 2cr ": for V cuts with angle adjustable from 30 to 90 degrees, with two circular saw-blades 
. " t ": for cutting or milling 
. " ti ": for engraving the top surface before cutting 
- working table, with breastbands of phenolic stratified with air pads system and automatic horizontal hold-downs, which are adjustable according to the panel width;
- contrast, with interchangeable insert and automatic support on the piece edge, which lays automatically under the taped surface, so to avoid the chipping of the cut at output;
- automatic hold-downs, adjustable according to the cutting thickness, for securing the workpiece against the working table;
- rear table, with supports and workpieces positioning system through automatic pincers controlled by NC;
- operation logic controlled by continuous path numerical control.


STM/1T 1500 x 2700 cnc

STM/2T 2400 x 3300 cnc

STM/3T 2100 x 3300 cnc

STM-P/2T 3000 x 3300 cnc

STM-P/3T 3300 x 3900 cnc

Working head motorization

2,5 Kw

2,5 Kw

4 Kw

4 Kw

4 Kw

Working head Advancement speed

from 2 to 30 m/min' and back in rapid to 60 m/min'

Adhesive tape Advancement speed

60 m/min' and back in rapid to 150 m/min'

Working table height

990 mm

Max. tools diameter

250 mm

250 mm

250 mm

300 mm

Max. adhesive tape diameter

280 mm

Max. adhesive tape width

32 mm

Max. workpiece width

1500 mm

2400 mm

2100 mm

3000 mm

3300 mm

Min. workpiece width

75 mm

100 mm

Max. workpiece length

2700 mm

3300 mm

3900 mm

Min. workpiece length

80 mm

120 mm

Max. workpiece thickness

30 mm

50 mm

Machine dimensions

3500x7600x2200 h mm

5500x8100x2200 h mm

4500x8100x2200 h mm

6500x8300x2300 h mm

6800x8800x2300 h mm

Machine weight

3300 Kg. ca.

5500 Kg. ca.

4500 Kg. ca.

6400 Kg. ca.

6600 Kg. ca.

On request:
- version P: for working pieces of 50 mm max. thickness. 
- automatic tape application group: if the workpieces are coated with not bending materials that needs the adhesive tape application.
- additional head type 2c.
- additional head type 2cr.
- additional head type t.
- additional head type ti.
- automatic horizontal contrasts (poa), for executing longitudinal and transversal cuts consecutively on the same piece (crossed cut cycle).
- further contrast.
- further mobile front table.
- further pincer with supplementary position sensor.