The Transversal Multiple Saw machine has been studied for executing transversal precision V-cuts on panels and strips, which are coated with PVC or also with not bending materials that need the adhesive tape application.
It is a machine with an high efficiency, used for the production of medium and big quantities of Hi-Fi boxes, small pieces of furniture, drawers and other details, which are assembled with the folding system. 
The SMT can be supplied with width from 2500 up to 4000 mm and with special equipments, which vary according to the production requirements of the customer. 
The machine has a precise and compact steel structure, which gives to the unit a high sturdiness and, moreover, it is equipped with:
- workpieces pre-loading system, on which the panels are manually placed during the milling phase, in order to be automatically loaded on the table, so to make the working cycle continuous;
- rectified work table, which slides on the tracks anchored to the shoulders of the machine, it is equipped with removable or fixed supports, which are easily adjustable on the rack and with function of fastening the piece to the table during the working;
- workpieces anchoring system, which can be of two types:
. with vacuum, with high depression pump and vacuum chambers to be adjusted according to the workpieces dimensions; this is suitable for strips without groovings;
. with movable rubber coated wheels, which make a mechanical pressure on the workpiece; this is suitable for strips with groovings (drawers); 
- heads-holder carriages, which slides on a ground steel beam anchored to the shoulders of the machine; 
- heads, set up on the heads-holder carriages, which can be of the following types:
. heads for V-cuts with adjustable angle, with motors which are manually swivelling from 90 to 45 degrees 
. heads for V-cuts at 90 degrees, with two motors fixed at 45 degrees 
- workpieces lifting system, which acts at the end of the milling phase, setting the table free from the pieces and leaving it to the rapidly return at the loading position;
On request:
- version 2TD: with double beam, so to carry out V-cuts with close distance 
- automatic taping device group: if the workpieces are coated with not bending materials which need the adhesive tape application 
- heads with electronic positioner and automatic lubrication 
- motor support with possibility of adjusting in height one motor respect to the other one assembled on the same head, in order to obtain groovings of different depth on the same piece 
- motors with vertical axle adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees, in order to obtain different shapes 
- brusher and additional suction hoods
- workpieces lifting system equipped with motorised translator, for eventual automatic unloader