The Multi-blade Panel Saw has been devised for executing cuts and multiple grooves on wood-based panels but also plastics and fibers in general also with veneered surfaces and coated with various decorative materials.
It is a machine with an high efficiency, which is used with excellent results for the production of prefinished parquet, walls and ceilings, doors for furniture, strips for profiles, skirting boards, slats for beds, MDF frames, furnishing elements, decorative and so on.
It is realized in various powers and with working width capacity of 80, 130, 250 or 370 cm, the MLS can be supplied with special equipment, according to the production requirements of the customer, for longitunal grooves and cuts.
The machine features a precise and compact steel structure, which gives to the unit a high sturdiness and, moreover, it is equipped with:
- Regulation system of the cutting and grooving depth, without changing the working table height with respect at the floor;
- Workpieces advancement group through rollers, with opening by a pneumatic cylinder for permitting the tools set-up of the sawing heads;
- Electronic regulation of the advancement speed with self-adjustment in according with the loads of the spindles motors;
- Motorized regulation system of the passage opening among the rollers of the advancement group, according to the panels thickness;
- Safety system for panels thickness control during working process;
- Tool-holder spindles made of hardened and ground steel, with sealed bearings, rapid unlocking of the tools and vertical pneumatical release of the sawing heads, with selection from the control panel;
- Interchangeable working table, which assures the perfect execution of the cut without vibrations;
- Movable and conveying pressure wheels over the spindle, for keeping the workpiece pressed against the working table, during the cutting phase;
- Pair of ejector rollers at output of the pieces, for eventual automatic stacker.


MLS 80-2T

MLS 130-3T

MLS 250-5T

MLS 370-7T

MLS 430-8T

Spindles motorization

6 (3x2) Kw

12 (4x3) Kw

20 (4x5) Kw

28 (4x7) Kw

32 (4x8) Kw

Tool-holder nose spindle

60 x 38 mm

80 x 48 mm

Spindle speed

4500 RPM

Advancement motorization

1,1 kW

1,5 kW

3 kW

Advancement speed

da 3 a 45 m/min'

Working table height

1120 mm

Max. tools

230 mm

280 mm

Projection of the tools from the working table, adjustable

from 0 to 47 mm with tools 230 mm max.

from 0 to 62 mm with tools 280 mm max.

from 0 to 60 mm with tools 280 mm max

Projection of the tools WITHOUT working table, adjustable

up to a 57 mm

up to a 72 mm

Max working width  (Max distance head-head)

800 mm

1300 mm

2500 mm

3700 mm

4300 mm

Min. distance head to head

400 mm

Min. distance head to head (on request)

250 o 100 mm

Max work-piece width

950 mm

1490 mm

2760 mm

3860 mm

4460 mm

Min. work-piece length

380 mm

470 mm

520 mm

Min. work-piece length
(version PD)

200 mm

300 mm

330 mm

Max. panel thickness

60 mm

70 mm

100 mm

Suction inlets

2 x 160 mm

2 x 200 mm

4 x 200 mm

Dimensions L x P x H

1620x1340x1730h mm

2200x1670x1870h mm


x1930h mm

4100x1820x1930h mm

4700x1820x1930h mm

Approx. weight.

1200 Kg

2000 Kg

4200 Kg

4600 Kg

5000 Kg

On request:

- Version pd: double pressure wheels row, for cutting short pieces or thin thicknesses
- Input table with adjustable fences: for manual loading of the short workpieces
- Output tables: for manual unloading of the workpieces
- Rollers introducer with manual pusher for the panels
- Automations for the loading of the panels and the unloading of the worked elements
- Pressure roller above the spindle, with copy function
- Special drive system, for panels with out of tolerance thickness
- Automatic device for the positioning of the sawing heads with laser ray tracer.