The Longitudinal Multiple Milling Machine has an high efficiency, which is studied for executing precision multiple longitudinal V-shaped groovings or others, on panels already trimmed on size, also with finished surfaces, coated with PVC, wooden sheets, laminated plastics or various.
Initially it has been devised for being inserted in continuous machining lines for the production of HI-FI loudspeaker boxes (V-grooving and following folding with other machines), it is also used for those products which require central groovings on the panel, blind groovings or also for dividing in two pieces, such as for drawers.
It is realised with working width capacity of 65, 92, 130 and 160 cm, the FML 
can be supplied with special equipments, according to the production requirements of the customer.
The machine features a precise and compact steel structure, which gives to the unit an high sturdiness and, moreover, it is equipped with:- workpieces advancement group formed by rubber coated conveying rollers;
- hold-downs groups, formed by rubber coated free wheels, with positioning in the horizontal direction and simultaneous adjustment according to the thickness of the working panel, so to keep pressed the workpiece during the milling phase;
- side fences of plastic laminate, which are adjustable simultaneously through handwheel according to the width of the panel, so to guide the workpiece into the milling area;
- heads-holder carriages, which slide on the front and rear side of a ground steel beam, which is anchored to the machine; 
- milling heads, assembled on the heads-holder carriages, equipped with spindles adjustable according to the milling depth to obtain; 
- movable supports with free wheels, which are positioned under the heads and with them synchronised, which oppose the milling pressure and have function of copy the bottom surface of the working panel, so to assure the absence of the vibrations during the milling;
- safety guards with suction inlet, so to permit the removal of the working dust from the tools seat.
On request:
- version T: with advancement group through belt and without lower pressure wheels, for workings which require less precision
- horizontal lower head, for executing groovings on the lower surface of the piece 
- automatic oscillating mini-spindles, for obtaining blind groovings 
- longer milling spindles, for setting up more mills or special tools 
- pneumatic system “FAST-UP 100”, for moving the heads away from the cutting area and for making easy the tools setting / disassembling operations, without changing the milling depth level 
- vertical position readout of the spindles through centesimal dial gauge 
- motorization of the axis adjustment of the heads
- motorization of the fences adjustment 
- automatic taping devices at workpieces input, for adhesive tape application, if the panel to be worked is coated with not bending materials 
- additional suction hood 
- upper and lower brusher with hood for suction at the end of the milling, so to make better the removal of the working chips 
- control by NC of all the functions of heads and side fences positioning, this is particularly useful if the machine is composed of several modules put in line.